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  • Layered Hairstyle: Easy Way to Add Movement, Shape

    Posted on March 23rd, 2009 Ginnette No comments

    Layered bob haristyleFor every woman that prefers blunt, straight edges to her hair, there are two that swear by their layered haircuts. There’s been a lot of change since the badly blended layer haircuts that you can probably picture from the past. Now, you’ll find that adding layers to your cut can drastically reduce the time it takes to style it. Layers can be added to any cut and work with every length and hair texture. For thinner hair, they can add volume and lift and for thicker hair, layers help avoid the dreaded “mushroom effect” by reducing weight at the ends. Very curly hair can get too heavy if left one length, layering that type of hair can help give the springy, bouncy curls.

    Adding layers to longer hair, even subtle ones, can create a more professional, mature looking style than a one-length cut all around. Layers will also add shape and movement to a haircut. With short hair, layers add fun and can take a cut from boyish to sexy and feminine. Mid-length hairstyles can especially benefit from layering that will add texture and definition to what could otherwise be a dull haircut. Asking your stylist for “face-framing layers” is always a good choice to help accentuate your features even if you don’t want a fully layered haircut.

    Modern layers blend seamlessly into the rest of the hair and complement the shape of the haircut while making it easier to style certain types of hair. Why? Because layered haircuts are less uniform in general, the more imperfect they look, usually the better whereas one-length hair tends to look messy if not styled properly.

    You can work layers into almost every type of haircut and they will complement it beautifully. Even haircuts that have typically been very uniform, blunt styles like a bob haircut look fantastic with layers. Choppy layers with textured edges (think razor cut, not scissor cut) work especially well with a bob and can make it look more modern.

    It comes down to personal preference when choosing a layered cut or not. Layered haircuts are definitely more manageable but some women still prefer a straight haircut with very defined edges.

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