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  • Hairstyles of The Roaring Twenties

    Posted on November 3rd, 2009 Ginnette No comments

    Twenties styleLong-legged ladies in short flapper dresses. Coy, graceful pageboys, slightly turned in at the ends to accentuate the face. Daring bobs, cut close to the cheekbones. The twenties brought about a revolution for women’s styles – from hair to clothes to makeup, women dared to chop off their virgin locks and paint their lips red.

    The women of the twenties can be credited with the bob haircut, a cut that is a favorite for many women still today. Back then, a woman chopping off her long hair was a sign of rebellion and many picked the bob haircut as their weapon of choice against the old-fashioned rules. In fact, some angry fathers and husbands would tell their women to go to their room “until it grows out”. A blunt haircut that could have ranged in length from as high as the cheekbones to as low as the chin, women wore their bobs straight and slicked down with product for maximum shine. Some more adventurous girls added bangs, either straight across the forehead or swept to one side, which helped to accentuate the dark makeup worn around the eyes that was popular in that time.

    The pageboy haircut, one of the variations of the bob haircut, was cut in a similar way, blunt and straight, but worn with its ends curled inwards toward the face. The look was more feminine and demure than the classic bob. It too could be as short as the cheekbones or more chin-length and worn either with or without bangs. The lovely Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue magazine, and epitome of classy fashion has been sporting the pageboy bob for decades, amidst the changing styles of clothes and makeup.

    The bob haircut was a hit in the twenties and there’s enough reason to say that it’s still a hit today. It’s no surprise as the bob haircut is easy to maintain, easy to style, and universally flatters pretty much every hair texture and face shape. With slight modifications, you can take the style from work to play and the talented stylists today can help take your bob haircut from the classic shape to a more modern “you” version.

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